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Dozens of Unique Historical And Cultural Monuments Were Obliterated and Demolished On the Territory of the Republic of South Ossetia
05.10.2008 // 10:50

"On the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia dozens of unique historical and cultural monuments were obliterated, demolished or affected by explosive waves. This act of vandalism will soon be promulgated. The historical part of the ancient city, declared a zone of architectural preserve, suffered a 100% ", - told the Informational Agency "Res" the Deputy of the Ministry for Protection of Monuments of Culture of the Republic of South Ossetia, Nellie Tabueva.

According to Tabueva, "it was initially being destroyed in 1991, and now, during the Georgian aggression in August 2008, it was totally burnt down".

"After the "Grad" artillery rockets there weren’t even beams left, using which one can hold a special examination and find out the age of the homes; they are from millennia ago, with the underground passageways, - she said.

"The Jewish cultural center survived more or less. The synagogue still stands on the ground, but it is devastated, the glass is broken, repairs and restoration work are urgently needed.

The Church of George Kavtinskogo (IX century) was not affected by fire, but cracks that have emerged during earthquakes have become even wider from the shock waves. It was a miracle that the temple of the Birth of the Virgin Mother of God (1718 year) survived, whose foundation only "shifted", while 15 meters away its auxiliary facilities were destroyed by direct hits. The churches of Saints Constantine and Helen, Nicholas the Miracle Worker, Church of the Ascension, domical temple in the village of Avnevi, the remnants of the walls of St. Sava in the area of the old bridge was not touched. God rescued them, they say here. The Church of St. George (2
half of the XVII century), located next to the cemetery, looks intact from the outside after the bombing, but on the inside – it is all in cracks.

And the house-museum of the outstanding Ossetian expert Basil Abaev was burned to ashes with all the exhibits. The monument for Abaev, which was installed in the Theatre Square in the center of Tskhinval, was beheaded. Researcher of the Ossetian language and folklore Vasily Abaev – is the pride of the Ossetian people. Many Ossetians are confident that the Georgian military knowingly committed an assault on the memory of him. The destruction of the culture is the first step in destroying the memory of the people", - Nellie Tabueva stressed, adding, that "for the same reason, the memorial cemetery of the defenders and the civilians who died as a result of the Georgian aggression in the 90s was turned upside down by tanks. The fence was broken through, destroyed were part of burials; there are visible traces of bullets on the marble slabs and on the monument of grief. In addition, affected were all cultural institutions - the cinema hall, the building of the Union Council, and others. According to Nellie Tabueva, the Ministry of Culture building was burnt down along with all the documents inside; there were more than seven hundred historical and cultural monuments on file there, not counting the archaeological ones. The Parliament Building, built in 1937, is also a monument of architecture ".



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