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12.08.2008 // 01:19

The comparison of the pictures below and analysis of the last several days' events can easily prove, that Georgia was well prepared for this brutal action.  

And not only be means of military... 

Here are just some out of numerous facts of disinformation and lies coming from Georgian and western media in order to show brutality and aggressivity of Russians. This is not a war against Ossetian nation, which had to be annihilated within 3-4 days . This is a war against Russia. 

Only blind people can’t see the similarities and differences on these three pictures shown on all major TV channels in America and Europe 

The “poor guy” was screaming without his shirt on. Then he decided to change his clothes and start the theatre action once again (or may be the other way around) but for some reason in a different location.  

The “dead” first was laying down on his back. Then all of the sudden he decided to turn over.  





Children can not lie. Look into the eyes of this poor boy. Does he suffer or feel any pain? Look at the faces of the other people on this picture. And by the way his “dead” grandmother and those soldiers were shown on three more pictures taken in the different locations. 



Now you can see the same soldier (or actor) on the photos also taken on different days and in different locations.  




The next sample of how the deads can move quickly, when there is a reason for that. See wherу the poor guy lays down on a first picture.  



And then (who knows, why) he decided to find a better place, close to the curb ...  

But he keeps unchanged the pose. He probably likes it...  



To be continued. 


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