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How did we know it was their last trip?
07.04.2009 // 22:23

Thousands of peaceful citizens became the victims of heavy shelling of sleeping Tskhinval, undertaken by Georgian army at night from the 7th to the 8th of August.

The residents of Commissarrov St., 26: father and a son Ruten and Elbrus Kosaev and their neighbour Vladimir Tedeev, - met their tragic fate.

- At the first night, as soon as the massive bombardment of the city with heavy weaponry began, all of us took cover in a basement of our neighbor as it seemed to us it was the most reliable and could stand the bombing attacks of the Georgian airforce, - Svetlana Guchmazova, the resident of Commissarrov St., 26 says. The explosions were occurring all night long. In the morning of August, 8 when it became a bit calmer, Elbrus together with his neighbor Vladimir decided to take his old father to the North, in Vladikavkaz. How did we know that it was the last time we saw our neighbors?

When they passed the territory of the Oak grove, the shelling of the road with heavy weaponry began. "My father was driving, - Elbrus`s daughter Milena Kozaeva says. My father was wounded by the first shots and he lost bearings. After a while a big explosion occurred, the car was thrown into the air, but the Georgian soldiers continued to shoot at it. Inafewsecondsthecarcaughtfire"

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"They put the bodies on each other, poured them over solar oil and lighted them up"
07.04.2009 // 22:16

It hurts to see Edward. Long time before he used to be strong and optimistic, now he has sad look and guilty smile. He has a nervous disorder. One month ago Edward`s relatives: cousin Mairbeg and his children Aslan and Diana were killed in South Ossetia. 500 persons went to the funeral. Such families in Tskhinval are without number.

The phones did not answer

Edward Tskhovrebov lives in Kaliningrad since 1995. Twenty years ago he graduated from The Mining and Smelting Institute in Vladikavkaz, and then moved to the Baltic Sea. All that time Edward remembered the native town Tskhinval. Once a week he used to call his relatives. In South Ossetia lived Edward`s cousin Mairbeg with his children and his father Zaur, the uncles, the aunts, about 30 united families in all.

- On August, 7 I had a terrible sleeplessness, - Edward says. - I lay under a blanket when the phone rang in the middle of the night. It was Mairbeg from Tskhinval: Edik, we are under heavy shelling, such a shelling was not heard of for a long time We dont know what to do! Explosions are occurring everywhere Probably, well take cover in a basement! My brother is a courageous man, about 200 centimetres in heigh and 150 kgs by weight. The words despair and fear are not his way. But Ive heard such a fear in his voice that I realized it was no joke. 

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The Victims of Georgian aggression: 14-year-old Albina Shonazarova
28.03.2009 // 01:01

Many children and teenagers were killed during the events in South Ossetia. 14-year-old Albina Shonazarova, the pupil of 8-th form of secondary school of Tskhinval, is among them. The life of this young girl is ended on disastrous Zarskaya road, when she together with her relatives tried to be evacuated to Northern Ossetia.

Its hard for Albina`s father Charshambi Shonazarov, Lieutenant Colonel, the worker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to tell about the daughters death, but he keeps himself in hand. As he said, during the massive shelling at night from the 8th to the 9th of August he decided to send his wife together with the daughter and the relatives to Northern Ossetia.

"The car where except my wife and my daughter were four other persons, draw fire from Georgians on Zarskaya road, - the father of the killed girl speaks. - As they said to me, at that moment everybody jumped out of the car and quickly laid down on the ground, but my daughter didnt manage to bend, looked back for a second and the Georgian sniper immediately shot at her. Albina died an instantaneous death. Her body remained there. The rest of them managed to reach Vladikavkaz. They said me about the death of my daughter in the morning. I went to Zar, found her lifeless body, brought it in Tskhinval and temporarily buried her in a kitchen garden".

Last year, during the shelling of a militia post by Georgians, Charshambi Shonazarov received heavy wounds and its a miracle that he stayed alive.

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The Tragedy of South Ossetia. Gabaev Hariton Ilich
28.03.2009 // 00:58

Gabaev Hariton Ilich, born in 1936, resident of Satikar village (Tskhinvalsky District of RSO):

At Night of August, 7, at about 11-30 pm the shooting began. The shelling was heavy, and we ran to a wood. I felt very bad, my feet were sore. In the morning of August, 8 the shooting became calmer. I decided to go home. My house is in front of the Soviet of the village. I did not even know what was going on there. I wanted to let the hens out of a henhouse. About 50-60 persons sprang from the Soviet of the village. Some of them ran up to me and caught me.

They knocked me down. Then two of them caught my hands and dragged me to the Georgian village Ksuisi. The earth road is strewed with the pebbles. My clothes tore up to pieces, trousers have slipped, I have lost my shoes. So they dragged me to a center of Ksuisi. I had many wounds, all of them were bleeding. They did not let me dress the wounds, did not let me cover myself. They tore my last clothes. They called me the Russian dog. They humbled me. They did not let me go to a toilet. Then, at last, they led me there.

At seven o'clock in the morning they took us here. We walked the plank. I uplifted a bandage a little bit and could see. I saw their tanks and cars. There were Georgian inscriptions Police on many cars, the other cars were big, they were covered by a canvas and there were many soldiers in them. Maybe they were local, they were in masks.

We were here till 2.00 a.m. There were seven of us and times out of number of them. When they caught me, Tengiz Bolataev and Chele were already there, and then they brought two other persons. They had them tied up. We wallowed on the ground like the dogs. They put the submachine-gun to our foreheads and said they will shoot us soon.

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The Tragedy of South Ossetia. Tedeeva Zaira Lazoevna, born in 1946
28.03.2009 // 00:54

Tedeeva Zaira Lazoevna, born in 1946

That day, when Georgians entered the city, we left the city by car. There were five persons in the car: me, Eveline Djabieva, Valery Kokoev, his spouse Fatima Gasseeva and their daughter Dzerassa Kokoeva. I didnt agree to go away as my sons were in Russia. They were in safety there. My son could not get in touch with me by phone. Communication was bad. Therefore he wanted to come and take me away.

Valery insisted on our departure. His daughter Dzerassa was afraid too, she was trembling with fear. Therefore we decided to leave. We wanted to reach village Khvtse.

We left by car. Under never-ending shooting and bombardment we have hardly reached the level crossing. As soon as we crossed it, they opened fire on us. Valery shouted to us to get out quickly. We somehow jumped out of the car and began to creep. Luckily I was dressed in trousers and a dressing gown; in other case I would scratch my knees. We crept to the bushes and have hidden behind them. We waited a bit and then Valery told us to rush to a wood. As I was the eldest I ran the first. When we came to village Tbet we met an old man who also said that it was safety to go to village Khvtse. We were just about to go, but suddenly we saw a column of soldiers. Valery thought they were Russians and even waved his hand to them. When it turned out they were Georgians, it was already too late. They ran up to us with shouts Get out! Don't move! We formed a line. They began to search us. I had a little money and they took it away. Then they got us onto the car and drove away. We went to villages Znaur. Fatima had all the documents, the passports on her. On our way to Karel she managed to tear the sons identity card to pieces without being noticed.

When we came to Khetagurovo they put us off. I know this village I saw Mamievs` houses they are located side by side.

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The Tragedy of South Ossetia. Kozaev Roin Raminovich, Tskhinval resident
28.03.2009 // 00:38

That night from the 7th to the 8th of August the massive shelling of our city began. All the neighbours the women, the children and the elderly, went down in a basement, where the former boiler room had been. The uptown was under the unceasing shelling with howitzers, mortars, tanks and Grad rocket systems, and then the bombardment of the city by air force has begun.

The people were taken over by fear and horror. We heard a roar of the destroyed buildings. One old woman has lost her mind; she was stroking everybodys head and said that the grass was growing on our heads. The small child cried in mothers arms and constantly asked for water, but it was impossible to go out of a cellar.

In the afternoon tanks and infantry entered the city. People rushed about the city, they didnt know what to do. I had to look out and watch the situation. The tank began to shoot at our building from the shorter side, then drove past and shot twice from a facade. I went down in a basement and tried to stop a panic. There was a priest together with us and he constantly calmed the people down and prayed.

The Georgian tank fired at the next building and then stopped. I asked everybody to creep into a small part of a basement where the additional fence was. But I understood that in case of a direct hit of a shell everyone would be buried in a common grave.

The young defenders of the city ran into our basement, one of them was hit in a leg, but it was impossible to take him to a hospital. And only when the tank left, they could drive him under the heavy shelling. We dont know whether they managed to reach the hospital.

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"They put the bodies on each other, poured them over solar oil and lighted them up"
28.03.2009 // 00:33

It hurts to see Edward. Long time before he used to be strong and optimistic, now he has sad look and guilty smile. He has a nervous disorder. One month ago Edward`s relatives: cousin Mairbeg and his children Aslan and Diana were killed in South Ossetia. 500 persons went to the funeral. Such families in Tskhinval are without number.

The phones did not answer

Edward Tskhovrebov lives in Kaliningrad since 1995. Twenty years ago he graduated from The Mining and Smelting Institute in Vladikavkaz, and then moved to the Baltic Sea. All that time Edward remembered the native town Tskhinval. Once a week he used to call his relatives. In South Ossetia lived Edward`s cousin Mairbeg with his children and his father Zaur, the uncles, the aunts, about 30 united families in all.

- On August, 7 I had a terrible sleeplessness, - Edward says. - I lay under a blanket when the phone rang in the middle of the night. It was Mairbeg from Tskhinval: Edik, we are under heavy shelling, such a shelling was not heard of for a long time We dont know what to do! Explosions are occurring everywhere Probably, well take cover in a basement! My brother is a courageous man, about 200 centimetres in heigh and 150 kgs by weight. The words despair and fear are not his way. But Ive heard such a fear in his voice that I realized it was no joke.

When the conversation stopped abruptly, Edward began to dial the number of his cousin Olya, but she did not answer. Mairbeg`s phone was already nonworking

The morning of August, 8 came. I didnt manage to get anybody on the phone during the night, - Edward continues. - There was nothing for me but to watch TV: The Georgian army took Tskhinval. I was appalled to hear that there had been the victims among the civilian population.

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Vladimir Margiev, 62 years old, the fireman of the Russian peace-making battalion
23.03.2009 // 22:42

Vladimir Margiev, 62 years old, the fireman of the Russian peace-making battalion "Jugniy disposition:

- I was on duty at night of August, 7. At the first volleys of the Georgian artillery, which choose as the target not uptown only, but also the position of a peace-making battalion, I had to take cover in the stokehole fire chamber, luckily it wasn`t nessesary to  heat in summertime. I spent there three day, hungry and without water and I became the witness of savage reprisal over Russians. After the Georgian armed forces were put to flight, I could return home. I turned black from a coal dust.

There are thousands histories connected with a genocide and ethnic purges in South Ossetia. For two days Georgia committed so many crimes, which were beyond the human comprehension, that its authority deserved to be in the prisoner's box of the international court for crimes against humanity. But a principle of "one's own bastard" works again when the behavioral model towards a concrete situation is coming into being.

Everybody knows who the real initiator of fighting was, who the aggressor was and who was under attack. But all the same its most likely that having a wish to save such a good full-fledged anti-Russian buffer on South Caucasus the West will continue the restoration of defensibility of Georgia".

But it seems to be too late now, because Russia has seriously strengthened its positions not only in Transcaucasia, but also on the Northern Caucasus, and its impossible to shake them for the distant outlook.


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Edward Kulumbegov, the captain of a peace-making battalion, the military observer
23.03.2009 // 22:41

Edward Kulumbegov, the captain of a peace-making battalion, the military observer:

- At night on 07.08.08 I was at my post in village Megvrekisi which is situated in Georgian territory in seven kilometers to the south of Tskhinval. About 23.30 a.m. the Georgian military observers deserted their post having left there only Russians and the only Ossetian it was me. However, the satellites of the Georgiantelevision companies situated not far away from there. In ten minutes sleeping Tskhinval was under artillery attack and the journalists, which were translating live commentary, accompanied the volleys with loud approving exclamations and shouts "hurrah".

At daybreak the quantity of the journalists has trebled and the reaction of the others was the same. Its a miracle that the soldiers of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia did not deal shortly with the peacemakers. Probably, the aggressor decided that all the same there's nothing they could do and they could be useful as hostages.

E. Kulumbegov also said that he felt a lump rise in his throat at the sight of the monsters triumphing over the view and sound of the shells, which were bringing death to his native city. It would be found out later, that the father of a military observer E. Kulumbegov died in the city. Edward became the witness of the panic flight of the mockery of warriors, when the Russian peacemakers were rescued from mortal danger by their colleagues.

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Tragedy of South Ossetia. Besaeva Nato Tsutsaevna, 72 years old, resident of village Satikar
23.03.2009 // 22:40

Besaeva Nato Tsutsaevna, 72 years old, resident of village Satikar:

When Georgians entered the village, we thought they were from the next village Ksuis. They were making a lot of noise. Where could we learn they were those monkeys?! Having entered the village they began to shoot heavily. They were shelling from submachine guns, mortars, from all best weapons. I had been in a basement. Being downcast I sat down. And suddenly one of them jumped inside. The others were behind the house. There was one of my friends among them I worked in the club of Ksuis village for a long time. The first one put the submachine gun to my forehead, and my friend asked him not to kill me. It said in Russian: You shouldnt kill, don`t kill her! They left my house. Then I ran to my neigbour and said: Marusya, for God's sake, lets run!

We rushed to the wood. They began to shoot at our back. We walked in the forest On hands and knees We learned that they killed two men from village Dmenis, when rescuing their life they ran to the wood too.

At night we came to village Naniauri. We got into one house. There was an old woman there with us. They came into the house where we had been and put a pistol to her forehead. She said: Kill me; I am already dead all the same.

They drove us in a distant corner. Then we have hidden. Then Georgians went away. And we came back home.

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Murat Dzhioev: By Georgian Tradition Tension Arises on Holidays
23.03.2009 // 22:39

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia Republic already more then once paid attention to the forcing of the situation by the Georgian law enforcement in the areas bordering on RSO, - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of RSO Murat ​Dzhioev said to the IA Res correspondent when commenting on the information about the Georgian imminent armed provocation against South Ossetia and the Russian military men dislocated in republic.

In the Georgian areas which border upon RSO there are illegal presence and increase in manpower of the Georgian armies, special troops and redeployment of heavy defense technology. The provocations against the people of South Ossetia do not stop. And all these events are taking place in the responsibility zone of the European Union observers, - the minister has emphasized. He noted what by Georgian tradition tension usually arises on holidays, as we can see it now.

 Therefore we call to the international organizations which took upon their shoulder the responsibility for safety for the activization of their efforts in Georgian territory which border upon South Ossetia, so that not to allow Georgian authorities to realize their aggressive intentions again, - Murat Dzhioev said.

The chapter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also draws attention to the fact that Georgian authorities, politicizing a problem, do not let the people of South Ossetia to receive the gas, incoming through their territory from Russia. And all these things are going on in conditions of severe winter and against the background of awful destructions, which South Ossetia underwent during the Georgian military aggression, - the Minister has emphasized.

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The message of the Ministry of the Press and mass communications of RSO
23.03.2009 // 22:38

According to law enforcement of SouthOssetiaRepublic, Georgia prepares for the wide-ranging armed provocation against South Ossetia and military personnel of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, dislocated in the republic. The provocation is planned by the western counsellors, the representatives of the Georgian special services and proposes to active participation of Dmitry Sanakoev and his henchmen and also subversive groups of special mission units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. Its not excluded that the entering of the mentioned groups on the territory of republic will occur in different directions and in the different ways, including in kind of a civilian population.

Now the law enforcement of RSO is ready to take rigorous measures in order to prevent the provocation.

All responsibility for the possible consequences completely, entirely rests with a political management of Georgia.

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Luc Devos:After the Disintegration of the Soviet Union Georgians Became Extremely Nationalistic
23.03.2009 // 22:36

One of these days mister Luc Devos, the Belgian expert, visited SouthOssetiaRepublic. Luc Devos met in Tskhinval with the RSO Government vice chairman, the Minister of Youth, Sport and Tourism Affairs of RSO Eleonora Bedoeva and the representatives of the youth organizations of South Ossetia.

During the meeting Eleonora Bedoeva acquainted mister Devos with a situation in South Ossetia.

Mister Devos met with the young people, which directly took part in military actions in the days of the Georgian aggression on August, 2008, protecting the Native land. The heritage of eighteen years war, and a life in condition of unceasing diversions in the form of the acts of terror, in the form of information diversions, which could be more terrible than death for our Caucasian consciousness, left its mark on our consciousness.

All of us are the carriers of a posttraumatic syndrome; all of us need in rehabilitation and support. And Georgia should be responsible for it too. And not only Georgia should be, but also those people, who indifferently looked at the destruction of our people and at our youth, being in such condition Bedoeva said. During a meeting mister Devos gave his view on the events of August, 2008.

It is very difficult to give you any good advice because it is difficult to understand what has happened, as if it is not the unique conflict region. It is very difficult to understand what is happening today in Congo. I know that according Stalin's decree in 1924 SouthOssetiaRepublic became a part of Georgia. And not on his demand only, - mister Devos said. Mister Devos also noted the dismal consequences of Georgian nationalism display.

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Edward Kokoiti: The deputies, first of all, should be the bearers of the will of people
23.03.2009 // 22:35

The president of South Ossetia Republic Edward Kokoiti met today with the representatives of political parties of RSO, Tarzan Gagloev, the member of political council of a party Edinstvo (Unity); Stanislav Kochiev, a chairman of Communist Party of RSO; Roland Kelehsaev, the representative of Public party of RSO and a member of political council of a party Fidibasta Stanislav Gobozov were among them.

During a meeting Edward Kokoiti informed the representatives of political parties of RSO that President of RSO will sign soon the Decree about the date of parliamentary elections in SouthOssetiaRepublic.

I would also like to hear your wishes, if you have them, and your opinion before the beginning of this uneasy pre-election campaign. These elections are going to be the first which will be held in the recognized SouthOssetiaRepublic. I would like our political parties and political forces to use as much as possible correct forms of struggle. The people will go not behind those who speak more, but behind those, who has already really proved itself as a strong politician, who is able to defend its interests. We should maintain equal conditions for all the applicants- the President has emphasized.

You are the image of our society, and many things depend on how the elections will be held. The criticism should be, but it should be objective and on business. We should show by these elections that there is high political culture in South Ossetia, and we should prove, that we became the state not casually. It is a merit of our people, - Edward Kokoiti continued.

As Stanislav Kochiev said, during the pre-election campaign, first of all, it should take a place serious conversation, where nobody should sling mud at the others. We have different electorate, different programs and the aims. We should give the people of RSO an opportunity to choose from various programs - he said.

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The abducted citizens of South Ossetia are found in Georgian prison
23.03.2009 // 22:34

The Missing citizens of South Ossetia are in the Georgian prison now, - theRepresentativeunderhumanrights by the President of RSO DavidSanakoev informed IA Res. As  Sanakoev said, there are the fresh news about the citizens of RSO Alan Hachirov (born in 1992), Alan Hugaev (born in 1989) and Soltan Pliev (born in 1983), which went missing on October, 13 in Meret village of Tskhinvalsky district of RSO. They were found in one of the Georgian prisons by the representatives of the Office of the National defence.

Alan Hachirov, Alan Hugaev and Soltan Pliev were really abducted by law-enforcement authorities of Georgia, - David Sanakoev has commented.

Earlier the Georgian party repeatedly denied the fact of their whereabouts in law-enforcement authorities of Georgia. Giga Bokeriya, the head of Georgian delegation officially announced about it on Geneva discussions to Boris Chochiev, RSO President's Plenipotentiary for Post-conflictSettlement

Directly during the negotiations with the Georgian party about the exchange of detained and captured Givi Targamadze, thechairmanof the defense and security committee of the parliament of Georgia and Shalva Tramakidze, the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia denied that. Now we shall try to learn the circumstances of their detention and where they were all this time. Fortunately, they turned out to be alive, and we shall take part in their further destiny, - Sanakoev said.

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They died a dreadful death
23.03.2009 // 22:32

Among thousands victims of the next genocide, organized by Georgia, many people found their death on the way from Tskhinval to Dzau, when they tried to get out of the besieged city and the villages occupied by the Georgian invaders to more safe place. There were husband and wife Miroslav Valiev (46 years old) and Jeanne Khasieva (44 years old) and their relative Liane Dudaeva (38 years old), the wife of Miroslav`s brother, among them. They died dreadful death. Fatima Mamieva, the spouse of Jeannes brother, the witness to this terrible accident, tells:

On August, 7 and 8, when Tskhinval was under the massive artillery bombardment from Georgia, we together with my husband and my mother, whom I took home from village Hetagurovo in the afternoon of August, 7, took cover in the basement. Jeanne and Liane, which live in the neighborhood, on Ostrovsky Street, were hiding in the cellars too. Lubomir, the husband of Liane at that time was carrying out his service on the post in village Grom, and Mir (Miroslav) was in Vladikavkaz where he brought the children on the eve.

In the afternoon of August 9, Mir returned in Tskhinval for his wife, Jeanne`s parents and Liane. He came to us. He was excited by that he saw in the city and hurried us. He said that it was necessary to pack our things and go with him to Vladikavkaz. My husband Albert did not want to go, but Mir insisted, he said that we had to leave immediately or it would be too late.

At that time our district was taken over by panic, the people learned that the Georgian tanks again have entered the city. We learned that Georgian soldiers threw grenades in the basements and kill civilian population. People were fleeing wherever they could. We got into our car and together with Miroslav drove to his house. The parents of Jeanne and Albert got into our car, and Mir`s wife and Liane were in Mir`s car. We left the city into two cars. When we drove through the city, I was shaking with fear. Explosions were occurring everywhere, buildings were on fire and everything around us was collapsing. As soon as we left the city, we thought that the worst was over and we were saved.

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He died near his house
23.03.2009 // 22:31

The 72-year-old Tskhinval resident Hadzhumar Margiev died near his house situated in Pobeda St., as a result of bombardment of the city.

As Hadzhumar`s neighbors Botaz Tsaritov and Roman Bikoev, the eyewitnesses of his tragical death say, Hadzhumar together with his wife Zemphira, as well as all his neighbors, took cover in the basement of his house during heavy shelling of the city.

He took care of his paralyzed spouse, which could not move. They were alone in the house: their sons and the daughter lived in Russia.

In the evening of August, 8 the fire became calmer a little bit. By this time our civil guardsmen managed to oust the enemy forces from the city. We came out on the street to take a breath of air for a minute together with Hadzhumar and our neighbor Vyacheslav Bitiev, we were standing near Hadzhumar`s house, - say Botaz and Roman. - It was already dark. Someonecameoutwithalantern, someonestartedsmoking.

Probably, Georgians who located on the heights of Tskhinval, watched the streets of city from the devices of night vision and noticed us. Then a powerful explosion occurred near our place: the shell hit the next house and destroyed it almost completely. A shock wave threw us aside. The shrapnel hit Hadzhumar`s belly cavity, cut up all inside. He was taken to the hospital, but they didnt manage to save his life. On the second day, on August, 9, Hadzhumar died.

We were afraid to say his wife that tragical news about her husband. She was ill and we worried that she couldnt stand the news about Hadzhumar`s death. She was the apple of his eye.

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Tragedy of South Ossetia. Muldarova Marina Georgievna, 42 years old
23.03.2009 // 22:24

Muldarova Marina Georgievna, 42 years old, Tskhinval resident:

In the childhood, when I read the books about Great Patriotic war, about the brutality of fascists, I was glad to live in a peacetime. I couldn`t imagine even in the nightmare that I`ll be an eyewitness of three wars: 1989-1991, 2004 and 2008.

But the military aggression of 2008 year has eclipsed all the others in its cruelty. That night from the 7th to the 8th of August - became a sorrowful date of a history of Ossetian people, when the disloyal, inherently monstrous military aggression against Ossetian people, peacefully sleeping Tskhinval occurred.

That night Saakashvili announced for The News that Georgia was not going to attack South Ossetia, he also declared about the truce. Everybody went to bed early so that to have a rest after the last sleepless nights.

At about 12 a.m. we woke up from the deafening explosions. We together with my mother ran to the neighbours because we had no a basement. We spent three days and nights in this basement. The inhabitants of the nearby streets - October St. and Pushkin St.

(there were about 50 persons) - were here too. There werent any meal there, but nobody remembered about it, everyone was in horror and we felt a lump in the throat. And only by help of the endurance and self-control of the owners of the house - Gabaraev Vladislav (Bay) and Siukaeva Naira, everybody kept calm. There were children, aged from 2 months till 15 years old, women and elderly together with us in the basement. It seemed that children realized the tragic element of a situation, nobody of them behaved capriciously, nobody cried. In spite of the fact that children ate nothing for the whole day, they did not even demand anything. Risking his life, our house-owner found somewhere some bread and the condensed milk and came home so that the kids could support their depleted organisms by something.

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The Victims of Georgian Aggression: Azamat Gagloev
13.03.2009 // 18:55

Azamat Gagloev was differed from other pupils of a youth camp. Always smiling, reserved boy didnt try to be in the limelight. But all the same, he attracted attention, not because the other 40 pupils of the camp were worse, simply he was better.

As in the Ministry of Youth affairs of South Ossetia say, they are working with the new generation and used to have a psychological portrait of each of the pupils, no matter the number of them. Azamat's portrait was marvelously similar at all the leaders and employees of a scout camp; it was extremely positive, unusually light and native, close to everybody.

Everybody in the camp: children and organizers - lived as a one close-knit family and as if the camp was in mountains, it was necessary to prepare constantly fire wood, to carry water, to help cooks in the kitchen. The pupils tried to help, as they could, they organized the watches, the guys were responsible for fire wood and water, and the girls helped in the kitchen, tidied up in tents and took care of the cleanliness in the territory of the camp. In a word, in was necessary to live, to work and to have a rest together in the camp. But as it used to be in any human society, one acted their responsibilities more honesty, others -less.

Azamat, no matter he was on duty or not, always was ready to help the leaders and to bring water, to pin fire wood or to kindle a fire, he always silently and easy was engaged in any useful business.

Being modest, laconic he was very charming. The secret of this charm, probably, was simply in that he loved people, the life and had very good upbringing.

In one evenings Azamat began to read the fragments from a poem Evgenie Onegin for the people, gathered near a fire, everybody was inexpressibly surprised. Later many of the children followed Azamat and the ordinary evening has turned into creative one. It was in 2006 on the coast of the river Chimas, where Azamat had a rest, being still the schoolboy.

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We remember everybody, who sacrificed a life for the sake of the Homeland: Leonid Nikolaevich Doguzov
27.02.2009 // 15:22

Leonid Nikolaevich Doguzov was one of the first, who bore the brunt of theenemy's attackin the days of Georgian aggression against South Ossetia.

Tengiz Doguzov, Leonid`s brother, tells:

- Leonid was born in 1962 inSouth Ossetia (Tskhinvalsky District, Satikar village). He finished 8 classes of a rural school, ented the technical college in Beslan. He has served in army. Then he worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tskhinvalsky District. Married. From the beginning of 90th (it was time of unrest for South Ossetia) he served in the Ministry of Defence of the republic, the last years carrying out his service on the posts.

He was a sportsman, the candidate for the master sportsman of judo and boxing, he was a reliable comrade. On August, 8, the day of the beginning of the Georgian aggression he had to hand over the post and leave to Vladikavkaz, to see his nephew of 6. He also was going to visit his brother and the sister living in Mozdok, whom he did not see for a long time. But all these plans were shattered by the Georgian tanks, which invaded Satikar village, being escorted by two hundreds of armed fighters.

Saving the lives of his friends, Leonid gave him a chance to take cover, and continued to shoot till the last cartridge. He died in unequal fight. Riddled, he won a time, so that elderly, women and children of his native village Satikar had time to take cover in the next wood.

Twenty four hours Leonid with the submachine-gun in his hands was lying on the native ground, impregnated by his own blood, while the bandits in the military uniform of the Georgian army

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